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Hardcore Designs

Hardcore Designs was devised to assist not just Chevy and Dodge enthusiasts, but to help all car lovers build the best and most customized personal experience that they can apply to their vehicle. Hardcore Designs offers products that not only look good and grab attention, but our products are also highly functional; bringing you and your ride the best the market has available to offer you.

Hardcore Designs understands that your car is an extension and representation of your personality and who you are so we have laser focus on bringing you quality auto parts and aftermarket accessories that will bring that personality and aggression to your vehicle.

View our products and see for yourself why Hardcore Designs is a leading source for Camaro, Challenger, Charger, and Mustang aftermarket car parts and muscle car accessories.

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Hardcore Designs brings you the latest and greatest in top-notch Muscle Car aftermarket accessories. All products are hand made in the USA and when your order is placed all sales are final.

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